Why exactly would I make an entire website for Bush Pilots and here’s some of the reasons I someone becomes a Bush Pilot!

Reasons to become a Bush Pilot : Adventure

Take a plane to many different destinations and remote locations that not many people in the world get to see

Reasons to become A Bush Pilot : Challenging

Runways are usually placed in hard to reach places with not much margin for error.

There may not even be a runway in some cases

Reasons to be a Bush Pilot : Beauty

With the remoteness comes that untouched by human’s factor making it awesome to see. When flying and having a look down at an area that no human has been to, it’s crazy to think about.

I was flying the other day and saw a river burst through some trees

Different ATC

Every area has its own way of communicating on the radio and even the way the ATC communicates is different.

With a South African accent in Papua, I had to pronounce some of my words like an American for the ATC to understand


When you’re living out of a single bag for a week at a time. This makes a person think about what they really need and not just things that they want

Learn a Language

Jumping right into the deep end and living with the people. Learn quickly how to communicate with them is vital, especially when it comes to food and weather updates

Reasons to becoma a bush pilot : travel

Staying in a different room every night of the week. You can use your career to travel and work at the same time, spending 2 years in each area

Reasons to become a Bush Pilot : Helping People

Most of the airstrips you’re going to are very remote where the plane is usually the only link to the area. Sometimes it’s not even an airstrip you’re landing at

Reasons to be A bUsh Pilot : Different Cultures

Getting to live and fly with the people of the culture of an area. It really does broaden how you see things

And now you’re totally convinced on why you should become a bush pilot .Here’e the how to part of it. Please comment below if there’s any extra reasons that need to be included.