Pilot Job Cover Letter TipsIntroduction

As much as I am tempted to be super friendly when writing a pilot job cover letter, you need to keep it professional to show your potential employer that you are a professional! When I first started for jobs I was just saying, “Dear Sir, Please find my CV attached, Kind Regards,”. I know, very terrible!

The best way to think of a cover letter is to think of it as having a 20 second meeting with a potential employer and you need to state all your positive skills that you would bring to the company.


  • Keep it to one page!
  • Keep it relevant to the company you’re applying to, no one wants to know every single engine aircraft you have flown.
  • Spelling and grammar, there’s a difference between your and you’re. Get it right!
  • Be unique.
  • Address the receiver by name, we all love to hear our own name. This also shows that a little work was put into finding out who the Chief Pilot is.
  • Don’t go overboard on the complimenting.
  • Use a professional email address, chuckyeager@gmail.com. No employer wants to get an email from an email like hunglikeahorse@thebarn.com
  • Don’t be desperate. You may not eat the next month if you don’t get the job you’re applying to but stay professional. If you convey desperation it shows weakness and the employer will never know what other baggage you’re bringing with you.
  • If the job has minimum requirements, don’t apply if you don’t meet them!

If you want an example of a decent cover letter, here’s a link to one. Now that you know what to do with your pilot job cover letter. Take a look at how to write a CV that will give the employer everything they are looking for in Pilot resume. It is totally different from applying to a normal job and there is a template for resume too.