It took me awhile in the industry to figure out what I was doing wrong with my Pilot CV.

First off, I’ll say that I messed up tons of job opportunities because I would just email the chief pilot asking him what the minimum requirements were to join the company.

#TIP NUMBER ONE, chief pilots get tons of emails from people and they don’t have the time to reply to an email of some random person they have never heard of.

Here is a CV Template available here, so you don’t have to wait until the end if that is all you came here for.


I’ll start from the top


No funny word art, just a clean bold large font. Eg. Chuck Yeager (If I got a CV from someone called Chuck Yeager, he would be hired immediately hahaha).

The aviation industry is smaller than you think and your name may have been overheard by the chief pilot etc. No need to include the word resume or CV, the chief pilot will know what it is when he sees it.


Tell the company what position you are applying for, aviation companies can be massive. It helps to show your intentions clearly, right on the CV. This also helps to show that there was some prior research made into the company and that the CV is tailored for them, make the employer feel special!


This is where people vary in what they want to include but the definites to include are and why they are included are :


Helps if you’ll need a work visa etc. some pilots are employed because it is easier for them to receive a work permit than another pilot. 

If you have dual citizenship, include that!


You need to be contacted, I usually include preferred method of contact and hours available to be contacted via telephone (remember to put in the country code too!). If an employer cannot get hold of you, he will just move onto the next pilot on the list.


Some companies check up with the local authority and find out if there are any accident or incidents related to the licence number. They also check to see if the licence is actually legitimate.


This is something I have previously not had on my CV but I definitely think it is an awesome idea that I got after reading sabushpilot’s post!


An easy way to determine your age, some positions are more suited to younger or older pilots


This is the main one that anyone considering a pilot CV will look to find immediately, this is why I usually include it near the top of the CV. Make it easy to read. If applying for a caravan position, put the amount of experience you have in a caravan. If applying for an instructor position, include the amount of instructing experience you have.

Adapt, adapt,  adapt! each job is different and needs to be tailored to. Basic things that need to be included are :

Total, PIC, Multi Engine, Instructor, Instrument, Night

I prefer to round my flight time down to the nearest 5 when sending CV, some advice I received from my father was, “under promise, over deliver!”


Multi Engine, Night, Instrument, Dangerous Goods, CRM & MCC, make sure to add every expiry date of your certificates.


Only include your aviation related jobs, some people will title this “experience/ work experience” instead.

If you are proud that you worked hard to get your licence working at a bar for two years this will come out in the actual interview.

Make sure to put the most recent employer at the top of the list and then work down from there. There is no need to include the full job description, just the job title and a short description will do.


Briefly include your high school, university (if you have a degree) & latest training (include the date of training, where it was held and the simulator/aircraft used)


Only include this if you have enough space at the bottom and if the employer specifically asks for them.


  • Keep it to one page
  • Be to the point, don’t include too much fluffy extra stuff
  • Only include a photograph if it is requested, people do judge on first appearances
  • Tailor the CV to the specific company you are applying to
  • Use one font throughout, make it easy to read
  • Send it as a pdf! This makes the file smaller and easier to download
  • Don’t forget to attach the CV to your cover letter, yes this has happened to me.

Keep an eye for next month when we cover the cover letter! Yes I said cover twice. So you have updated your CV and want to know how to get your first bush pilot job, have a look at this post