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On the Wing of Eagles – Pilot Book Review

I was approached by Jim Atkinson to write a review of the book that was written about his father ( Fred Atkinson). Only having interviewed one author Matt McClaughlin and having never done a pilot book review before, I decided to give it a shot.

The book is written as if his father was having a beer and sharing some of his awesome stories from being a pilot. Pilots love hearing stories from other pilots and I have even written one of my experiences on this blog.

3 Generations of AtkinsonsFirst Impressions

The unedited version of the book so there were quite a few spelling errors, which hopefully has been corrected in the amazon version. Unfortunately it is only available for kindle (affiliate link).

My initial reaction when I started reading the book was that it jumped all over the place, which I wasn’t quite used to. You could definitely tell that it was not written by a seasoned author. From the book’s blurb, the expectation of the book is that it will flow from his days of barnstorming to getting the National Flight Instructor award. (I had to google what barnstorming was, I had no idea). It ended up being a grouping of interesting stories from Fred Atkinson’s long career as a pilot.


The stories individually were super entertaining. A few of them would get him sued left, right and center these days.

This is the beauty of the book though. It’s not filtered and you get to know exactly what is going on in Jim’s father’s head. I had a good laugh at one of the stories involving an instructor holding onto a wing strut to encourage his student to fly accurately.

This book allows us to get a better understanding of what it was like to be a pilot and flight instructor in the 1930’s and on wards. The flow of the book was very strange and there were lots of writing errors, which bothered me.


This book would appeal to aviation enthusiasts as there are a few terms in the book that only make sense if you have some knowledge of the aviation industry. If you can overlook the frequent writing errors in the book, you’ll enjoy it.

Overall Score

On the Wings of Eagles Review Rating6/10

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The Best Bush Pilot Drone


All pilots love an awesome view from above, that’s one of the reasons we become pilots. I recently started flying in Papua and some of these runways are just too awesome not to share! This is why I went on the hunt for the best bush pilot drone.

The problem comes when trying to get a picture of these runways, you can try take one when you’re a passenger coming into land but that does not happen too often. You can try take one when you’re on final approach, but that’s just plane dangerous (shocking pun, I know) and you don’t get a pretty picture of your aircraft on the runway.

The solution : Use a drone! After a few weeks of not quite getting the right  photo I wanted. I decided a drone was the way to go. The drone I picked was the DJI Spark and here are the reasons why.

Pilot Drone Pros



It is absolutely tiny, it fits in the palm of your hand. Yes yes, I know you can get the Mavic but can it be charged by a power bank or the cigarette lighter of your plane? This was a major draw card for me.

No Controller needed

This little Spark can be controlled with just your phone or tablet, something you’ll have on you anyway. With the Mavic you’ll need the controller, which adds to the weight of what you will be carrying.


After spending so many dollar dollar bills on my pilot license being able to spend 500 USD on a drone that can do all that I want it to is quite handy. I did consider the Xiro Xplorer but this just ended up being far too big for me to carry. When you’re overnighting with your headset bag, lunch bag and overnight bag, you don’t really want to be adding another bag just for your pilot drone.


I am also a novice with flying drones so I wanted something that allows me to upgrade it if I want to take things more seriously. With the controller you get a bunch more options and the distance you can fly increases.

The Gimbal

The gimbal! It works awesomely, other drones in the same price range don’t have the same ability. Apart from the Xiro Xplorer.

Pilot Drone Cons


There are none. Jokes, that’s what I would say if I was just trying to sell you this drone.

Flyable Distance

Using a phone you can only fly 50m vertically and 150m horizontally. I found this a little frustrating in this picture because I couldn’t quite get the entire runway in sight.

Picture Quality

The picture and video quality is no Mavic pro but it is perfect for me that is not a videographer. It definitely would be able to be good enough to be shown on a YouTube channel.

Battery Life

The battery life sucks! 10 minutes of flying. This wasn’t too bad as all I was wanted to do was fly straight up and across, take a picture and come land.

I’m addicted now and want to fly further and higher. So I’ll have to buy the remote which costs another USD 120!

No Fly Zones

The no fly zones are killer! I live within a 5nm radius of the airport and when I first got the drone, I couldn’t even test it in my garden as it is a no fly zone with other drones this is possible.


  • Be careful when catching it, cut my thumb trying to catch it in the air hahaha.
  • If you have the space get the Xiro! It comes with the controller and is super stable.

Do you guys know of any drones that I should of considered?

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Cheaper Alternative to Bose A20

Cheap alternative to Bose A20


This a post about the best alternative ANR headset to the Bose A20 headset.

My 7-year-old David Clark H10’s cable connection started to give problems, so I decided to go on a hunt for the an ANR headset.

Finding the Bose A20’s for 1000USDs and the Lightspeed Zulu 3 for 850 USD. They were a bit far out of my price range. This is when I went on the hunt for an alternative to the Bose A20’s that had the sound and build quality of the Bose without the hefty price tag.

I stumbled across the uFlyMike Harmony system for 275 USD that fits to the Bose Quiet Comfort QC25 for 270 USD that fitted my needs perfectly.

Pretty much the Bose A20’s for about 550 USD. Almost half the price. 

I did have a look at the UFQ A6 but I decided aganist them as I was not certain what the sound quality would be like. When I earn some more dollar dollar bills, I will give them a try and write review.

The Faro G2 was also considered but I did not like the overall look of the headset. I know I know, slightly petty.


  • Bose Quality Sound
  • Almost half the price of the Bose A20.  
  • Headphones can be used like a normal headphone system to listen to your music. Instead of having to buy an entirely new set of headphones.
  • Easy to replace broken parts
  • You will not lose your warranty on your Bose QC25 as no modifications are made to the actual headset


  • Setting up the system
  • Only a 2-year warranty on the UflyMike

We all spend so much money on our flying it was satisfying to save a little and find an alternative to the Bose A20’s

Do you know pf any other cheaper ANR headsets that you would consider as good as the Bose A20? Please comment below

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