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Bush Pilot Christmas Presents – Top 5

Bush Pilot Christmas Present1.) Microfibre Cloth

A stocking stuffer of note. I didn’t realise how handy having one of these cloths was until I started flying with the G1000. Very handy for getting rid of all the smudges left on the screens as well as for cleaning sunglasses.

Mag Lite Bush Pilot Christmas Present2.) Torch Pen Light

Pre-flighting with a small little torch that fits in the pocket like a pen. Lugging around a big hefty takes up space and weight in the flight bag.

Leatherman Bush Pilot Christmas Present3.) Leatherman

Oh the beauty of the leatherman! I have heard a story of two pilots that had a problem with their C210 undercarriage. The solution was to climb into the back of the aircraft and cut a hole with the leatherman into the back panel and release the undercarriage that way.

USB Battery Bush Pilot Christmas Present4.) USB Batteries

I have only recently discovered this when I was on the search for rechargeable batteries. This is perfect as everyone has cell phone chargers that can charge these batteries instead of having to lug around the special charger for batteries.

Garmin InReach Xplorer

The company I fly for are using these for flight following and I have been super impressed with how well they work.

Bush Pilot Series You Should Have Watched

I know when I was considering being a bush pilot, I wanted to know what was involved. By watching these bush pilot series, I got a much better understanding of what it would be like and which area would be best for me.

Worst Place to Be a Pilot

Seasons : 1 (4 Episodes)

Follows young pilots around Indonesia, this helps you get an understanding of what pilots go through working for Susi Air and how remote the flying can actually be. Matt Dearden (we interviewed him) features quite prominently and this is where I first encountered him and his website. This bush pilot series is really dramatized to give it mass appeal but the core of what is going on is pretty accurate.

Bush Pilots

Seasons : 1 (10 Episodes)

Well of course this one had to be on the list. We even interviewed one of the pilots that was in this series, Malcolm. This series also follows young pilots getting jobs in Maun, Botswana. It is a bit out dated these days but still entertaining to watch. The main company it focuses on is Wilderness Air

Flying Wild Alaska

Seasons : 3 (31 Episodes)

Dam you film producers and making everything seem so dramatic. This series is another awesome one at the core, just remember the dramatic side that has been added. Following the family run company in Alaska into the mountains

Alaska’s Ultimate Bush Pilots

Seasons : 3 (17 Episodes)

The most recent of bush pilot series to be released. I like this one alot as it is not only new pilots coming through but experienced bush pilots showing what things are really like. Also based in Alaska (duh) this follows the company Island Air.

Ice Pilots

Seasons : 6 (65 Episodes)

This series follows Buffalo Airways in Yellowknife, Canada. These guys fly old World War type aircraft, like the Dc-3 and 4!

Thank you so much to our readers Josh Cisneros and on twitter Ronan Kelly for reminding to add the most successful of all the Bush Pilot series. I know, I know, how could I forget to add the most popular of all of them!

If there are any series I have missed out here, I would be happy to consider adding them. Please comment with your suggestions below

Airstrips in Papua – 4 of the Most Challenging

Flying in Papua, Indonesia has many challenges. Including the rapidly changing weather and massive mountains. Here’s a list of the airstrips in Papua that I think are the most challenging.

This list was determined but chatting to pilots around Papua and getting their opinions. All images from

Wipon Airstrip in Papua#4 Wipon Airstrip

Length : 500m

Width : 20m

Slope : 0% 20% 0%

Hazards : 1.) Threshold is not defined

2.) Touchdown elevation 7750 ft

3.) First 250m Not useable due to landslide

4.) Almost full Power needed to get to parking area

Selema Challenging Airstrip in Papua

#3 Salema Airstrip

Length : 210m

Width : 15m

Slope : 23% 17% 21%

Hazards : 1.) Very steep touchdown zone

2.) Extremely short, no margin for error

3.) Runway erodes very badly due to locals not maintaining runway

Bugalaga Challenging Airstrip in Papua#2 Bugalaga Airstrip

Length : 498m

Width : 30m

Slope : 14% 8% 24%

Hazards : 1.) Headwind can cause dangerous downdraft on final

2.) Steep slope causes strong optical illusion

3.) Speed must be kept up on last part of runway beasue of steep slope

4.) Quartering tailwinds after 10:30 AM

Doufu Challenging Airstrip in Papua

#1 Doufu Airstrip

Length : 549m

Width : 14m

Slope : 4% 0% 18%

Hazards : 1.) Narrow runway creates illusions

2.) Must land on centre of runway as runway is so narrow

3.) Clay surface becomes extremely slippery after rain the previous night

4.) Hard to see when making approach

This is just some of the crazy runways you can experience in Papua, do you have any others you would add?

If you enjoyed the pictures from this post, you should check out our 5 best pilot Instagram accounts post

9 Reasons to Become a Bush Pilot

Why exactly would I make an entire website for Bush Pilots and here’s some of the reasons I someone becomes a Bush Pilot!

Reasons to become a Bush Pilot : Adventure

Take a plane to many different destinations and remote locations that not many people in the world get to see

Reasons to become A Bush Pilot : Challenging

Runways are usually placed in hard to reach places with not much margin for error.

There may not even be a runway in some cases

Reasons to be a Bush Pilot : Beauty

With the remoteness comes that untouched by human’s factor making it awesome to see. When flying and having a look down at an area that no human has been to, it’s crazy to think about.

I was flying the other day and saw a river burst through some trees

Different ATC

Every area has its own way of communicating on the radio and even the way the ATC communicates is different.

With a South African accent in Papua, I had to pronounce some of my words like an American for the ATC to understand


When you’re living out of a single bag for a week at a time. This makes a person think about what they really need and not just things that they want

Learn a Language

Jumping right into the deep end and living with the people. Learn quickly how to communicate with them is vital, especially when it comes to food and weather updates

Reasons to becoma a bush pilot : travel

Staying in a different room every night of the week. You can use your career to travel and work at the same time, spending 2 years in each area

Reasons to become a Bush Pilot : Helping People

Most of the airstrips you’re going to are very remote where the plane is usually the only link to the area. Sometimes it’s not even an airstrip you’re landing at

Reasons to be A bUsh Pilot : Different Cultures

Getting to live and fly with the people of the culture of an area. It really does broaden how you see things

And now you’re totally convinced on why you should become a bush pilot .Here’e the how to part of it. Please comment below if there’s any extra reasons that need to be included.

Best Pilot Advice Received by Pilots

I have been listening to the podcast (perfect for when there is a delay with weather or waiting for cargo/pax) where he asks the pilots he interviews for pilot advice, “What is the best piece of aviation related advice you have ever received?”.

This is my favorite part of the podcast and I thought having a list of all the useful pilot advice would be handy.

Jeremy Robertson Aviation Pilot advice QuoteJeremy Robertson

Ex Airliner Pilot, Now a Private Pilot With Diabetes & Junior Doctor


Polly Vacher Aviation Pilot Advice QuotePolly Vacher

Wings Around The World, Record Breaking Pilot

Colleen Mordor Aviation Pilot Advice QuoteColleen Mondor

Working and studying Alaskan aviation, Colleen is not an experienced pilot. She is an author of The Map of My Dead Pilots, historian and private pilot.

Brent Blue Aviation Pilot Advice QuoteBrent Blue

FAA ATP Certified Pilot, Senior AME & Aeromedix Co-Founder

Rod Rakic Aviation Pilot Advice QuoteRod Rakic

Entrepreneur, FAA Commercial Pilot and OpenAirplane founder

MayCay Beeler Aviation Pilot Advice QuoteMayCay Beeler

Flight Instructor, Tv Personality and Author of Buccaneer

Lauren Richardson Aviation Pilot Advice Quote Lauren Richardson

Airshow Pilot & British Female Aerobatic Champion 2012

Maria Langer Aviation Pilot Advice QuoteMaria Langer

Commercial R44 Helicopter Pilot & Blogger

Matt Dearden Aviation pilot advice QuoteMatt Dearden

Ex Susi Air Pilot, Star of “Worst Place to Be a Pilot”

Patty Wagstaff Aviation advice quotePatty Wagstaff

Airshow & Champion Aerobatic Pilot

Here’s some advice that you may need when picking a flight school

5 Best Pilot Instagram Accounts 2017

Top Pilot Instagram AccountsJudging Criteria

  • Instagram account is run by a Pilot only and no reposts
  • Mostly aviation based photos
  • Quality photography



I have no idea how he gets such awesome photos all the time! So good that he even started his own photography website

BIO: Alaska based seaplane and helicopter bush pilot.


Deon Mitton Top 5 Pilot Instagram Accounts


This pilot inspired me to go buy a drone. His mavic pro photos of the crazy Papuan airstrips get me keen to see them for myself. I personally use the dji spark with the skeleton cover and chuck it in my headset bag to get pictures of the runways. (affiliate links)

BIO: Papua, Indonesia based C208 pilot for Dimonim air

FREQUENCY: Once a month

j_carcas Top Pilot Instagram Instagram


I only fairly recently discovered Daniel’s account. He seems to have taken over from when @indopilot left Indonesia.

BIO: Missionary mountain bush pilot in Papua, Indonesia. (Just something about the beauty of the Papuan mountains that I like)


Indobushpilot Top Pilot Instagram


What a would list of Instagram accounts on a bush pilot site be without a Savage Cub account.

BIO: Flying around the Alps and Europe in his own Cub

FREQUENCY: Every 3 weeks


Vieux_Bandit Top pilot Instagram


This chopper R22 and R44 pilot became massive on Instagram because of her pretty face. Her photos are just as good though.

BIO: US based helicopter pilot that flies all around the world

FREQUENCY: Every 4 days

Pilot Luana Top pilot Instagram

Bush Pilot Job & Blog Updates

Dirty trousered, puddle jumping, uniquely skilled pilots!

A resource for aspiring, current and old bush pilots to find jobs, guides and everything bush pilot related.