I know when I was considering being a bush pilot, I wanted to know what was involved. By watching these bush pilot series, I got a much better understanding of what it would be like and which area would be best for me.

Worst Place to Be a Pilot

Seasons : 1 (4 Episodes)

Follows young pilots around Indonesia, this helps you get an understanding of what pilots go through working for Susi Air and how remote the flying can actually be. Matt Dearden (we interviewed him) features quite prominently and this is where I first encountered him and his website. This bush pilot series is really dramatized to give it mass appeal but the core of what is going on is pretty accurate.

Bush Pilots

Seasons : 1 (10 Episodes)

Well of course this one had to be on the list. We even interviewed one of the pilots that was in this series, Malcolm. This series also follows young pilots getting jobs in Maun, Botswana. It is a bit out dated these days but still entertaining to watch. The main company it focuses on is Wilderness Air

Flying Wild Alaska

Seasons : 3 (31 Episodes)

Dam you film producers and making everything seem so dramatic. This series is another awesome one at the core, just remember the dramatic side that has been added. Following the family run company in Alaska into the mountains

Alaska’s Ultimate Bush Pilots

Seasons : 3 (17 Episodes)

The most recent of bush pilot series to be released. I like this one alot as it is not only new pilots coming through but experienced bush pilots showing what things are really like. Also based in Alaska (duh) this follows the company Island Air.

Ice Pilots

Seasons : 6 (65 Episodes)

This series follows Buffalo Airways in Yellowknife, Canada. These guys fly old World War type aircraft, like the Dc-3 and 4!

Thank you so much to our readers Josh Cisneros and on twitter Ronan Kelly for reminding to add the most successful of all the Bush Pilot series. I know, I know, how could I forget to add the most popular of all of them!

If there are any series I have missed out here, I would be happy to consider adding them. Please comment with your suggestions below