Bush Pilot Interview Felix Gosher StatsQuick Introduction

If you have done any bush flying in Africa you would have heard the bush pilot, Felix Gosher. He is one of the most well connected pilots out there, all by his own doing. Starting out as a waiter, gardener, janitor and personal trainer. Felix is a true example of where a passion for aviation can take you.

He is the founder of the NPO, the children’s flight that takes orphaned children on their first flight and ignites their dreams to be pilots.

He has just started working for Susi Air in Indonesia but is well known for flying for Coastal Aviation in Tanzania, Wilderness Air in Botswana and Air-Tech Global in the Congo and CAR.

Felix Gosher QuoteWhat would be your number one piece of advice for aspiring bush pilots starting out in the industry?

Be resilient…. don’t think it will always be like it is…. after 25 No’s you will eventually get a yes…. take any opportunity you get and fly what ever you can get your hands on… do a good job… always as far as possible have the avenue to come back, always finish the period of time you sign for. Be in love with the flying… the salary is just a bonus

What was the route you took to becoming the Bush Pilot you are today?

I worked as a waiter, gardener, janitor, fitness instructor…. saved 40 thousand dollars in 2 years and nine months and completed 218 hours of flight training to be a Commercial Pilot…. the rest was just hustling and living out a bag in various operations through out Africa.

Kaga-Bondoro Bush AirstripWhat would you say is the hardest thing about being a Bush Pilot?

The time away from normality, as the world sees it. Family, Friends and the chance of meeting the Love of your life…. are normal things which I’d say most Bush Pilots miss a lot.

How did you manage to get the job you’re currently at?

I took a leap of faith and applied, to a position they’d advertised…. they responded positively and I’m very glad I took the jump.

What has been your number one memory about flying?

Probably the Children’s Flight…. as I saw the power of Aviation and the love in it… and how little else matters when it comes to the plight of Children who need a Dream

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