Bush Pilot Christmas Present1.) Microfibre Cloth

A stocking stuffer of note. I didn’t realise how handy having one of these cloths was until I started flying with the G1000. Very handy for getting rid of all the smudges left on the screens as well as for cleaning sunglasses.

Mag Lite Bush Pilot Christmas Present2.) Torch Pen Light

Pre-flighting with a small little torch that fits in the pocket like a pen. Lugging around a big hefty takes up space and weight in the flight bag.

Leatherman Bush Pilot Christmas Present3.) Leatherman

Oh the beauty of the leatherman! I have heard a story of two pilots that had a problem with their C210 undercarriage. The solution was to climb into the back of the aircraft and cut a hole with the leatherman into the back panel and release the undercarriage that way.

USB Battery Bush Pilot Christmas Present4.) USB Batteries

I have only recently discovered this when I was on the search for rechargeable batteries. This is perfect as everyone has cell phone chargers that can charge these batteries instead of having to lug around the special charger for batteries.

Garmin InReach Xplorer

The company I fly for are using these for flight following and I have been super impressed with how well they work.