I have been listening to the podcast inspiredpilot.com (perfect for when there is a delay with weather or waiting for cargo/pax) where he asks the pilots he interviews for pilot advice, “What is the best piece of aviation related advice you have ever received?”.

This is my favorite part of the podcast and I thought having a list of all the useful pilot advice would be handy.

Jeremy Robertson Aviation Pilot advice QuoteJeremy Robertson

Ex Airliner Pilot, Now a Private Pilot With Diabetes & Junior Doctor


Polly Vacher Aviation Pilot Advice QuotePolly Vacher

Wings Around The World, Record Breaking Pilot


Colleen Mordor Aviation Pilot Advice QuoteColleen Mondor

Working and studying Alaskan aviation, Colleen is not an experienced pilot. She is an author of The Map of My Dead Pilots, historian and private pilot.


Brent Blue Aviation Pilot Advice QuoteBrent Blue

FAA ATP Certified Pilot, Senior AME & Aeromedix Co-Founder


Rod Rakic Aviation Pilot Advice QuoteRod Rakic

Entrepreneur, FAA Commercial Pilot and OpenAirplane founder


MayCay Beeler Aviation Pilot Advice QuoteMayCay Beeler

Flight Instructor, Tv Personality and Author of Buccaneer


Lauren Richardson Aviation Pilot Advice Quote Lauren Richardson

Airshow Pilot & British Female Aerobatic Champion 2012


Maria Langer Aviation Pilot Advice QuoteMaria Langer

Commercial R44 Helicopter Pilot & Blogger


Matt Dearden Aviation pilot advice QuoteMatt Dearden

Ex Susi Air Pilot, Star of “Worst Place to Be a Pilot”


Patty Wagstaff Aviation advice quotePatty Wagstaff

Airshow & Champion Aerobatic Pilot


Here’s some advice that you may need when picking a flight school